1. Re-nourish — we use the project calculator for nearly every print project

  2. A Better Source and Waste Not— databases of sustainable materials ranging from paper stocks to packaging substrates

  3. INGEDE — in-depth information about about de-inkability of various production methods—a problem affecting certain digital presses

  4. Sustainable Packaging Coalition — free downloadable PDFs with tons of information about designing sustainable packaging

  5. Becoming a Climate Designer Course — A six-week course for practicing designers on how to make a meaningful impact.

  6. Lumi Properties Guide — A great overview of packaging terminology; their blog also contains a slew of great articles on sustainable packaging.

  7. Climate Designers — network of designers committed to using their creative skills for climate action


  • Brian Dougherty’s “Green Graphic Design” — the best book for beginners, this book is filled with case studies and lots of practical information

  • Eric Benson and Yvette Perullo’s “Design to Renourish” — a modern primer on systems thinking, an important framework for sustainable design

  • Adrian Bullock and Meredith Walsh’s “The Green Design and Print Production Handbook”

  • Aaris Sherin’s “SustainAble” — a lot of the same information as the two aforementioned books but fills in some gaps

  • Wendy Jedlička’s “Sustainable Graphic Design” — the best book for advanced green graphic designers, a vast amount of information

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