Carbon Offsets

Both carbon offsets and renewable energy credits (RECs) are positive contributions towards more sustainable energy. RECs work as subsidies for existing renewable energy, making the options more affordable and attractive. Carbon offsets create new initiatives that offset your carbon emissions such as funding new wind farms and capturing methane from landfills. Because renewable energy is still in its infancy, we believe the biggest impact can be achieved through supporting carbon offsets that create new infrastructure rather than subsidizing existing infrastructure.

Figuring out your carbon footprint can be very complex and intimidating; most businesses don’t have the resources to hire an expert to break down their carbon footprint in extreme detail. Fortunately, the carbon offset organization that we use, Terrapass, has a simple tool that only requires a few minutes to help you figure out where you stand and how much energy you need to offset.

When you complete the calculator it’ll show you your footprint in pounds (lb) and metric tons (mT) and you can use this info to guide your offset purchase. Offsets for businesses can be purchased in chunks of single metric tons for $13.12 each. We came in at just under two metric tons, which means we were able to offset our studio’s carbon footprint for an entire year for only $26.12.